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Another thing about the COVID-19 vaccine

First of all, I believe that such a vaccine is possible; reports on immune responses in people afflicted by SARS was a good indicator, but I doubt we would have multiple vaccines in stage 3 if the previous stages didn’t … Continue reading

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This is deeply irresponsible

This headline is irresponsible – while technical correct, it is misleading and will undoubtedly lead to mistrust and, considering we are in a deadly pandemic, deaths: (via twitter and Reuters directly) If you read the article closely – and who … Continue reading

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Topdanmark er fornærmet

Selvom de selv var skyld i problemet har Topdanmark ikke tænkt sig at blive klogere. I hvert fald er deres reaktion, efter at deres kvartalsregnskab blev refereret i medierne for tidligt, udadvendt med ord som “politianmeldelse” (eller rettere, “politimæssig efterforskning”[1]) … Continue reading

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