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Do you want more pirating? That’s how you get more pirating

A very long time ago I wrote about how I think media companies can limit the extent of piracy: Offer the product at least as soon as the pirates offer it Offer the product in at least the same quality … Continue reading

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No surprise: Easier access lowers piracy

Easier online access to movies and TV in recent time has lowered piracy of those media. This is not a surprise. But now online platforms are fragmenting and siloizing, making it impossible to view a sizable part of the offerings … Continue reading

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Regarding digital evidence

Following up on the post about piracy and liability, I think we need a serious discussion about digital evidence. I have a big issue with digital evidence, as I know that it is entirely possible to produce data that looks … Continue reading

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Some piracy, liability and privacy considerations

Intellectual property piracy is illegal. We can argue about fair use or the European equivalent legal theories, about orphaned work, about what piracy offers of opportunities for licenseholders etc. but there is no doubt that it is illegal. But in … Continue reading

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On bootlegging

I am not entirely sure he doesn’t actually care, but the idea is clever; don’t just trust your fans to buy your albums and go to your concerts, politely tell them that that is what you expect of them. Even … Continue reading

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