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Why moderation at scale doesn’t work

Writing about PayPal reminded me of that time Archie McPhee “We Make Weird” – currently selling a plastic “Squirrel In Underpants Nodder” – was unable to sell “Tardigrade Ornaments” online. Tardigrade as in Waterbears, those adorable microscopic creatures that live … Continue reading

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Closing your PayPal account

You really shouldn’t lose your password for your PayPal account. I’ve spent 27 minutes on call with a customer service agent from PayPal, trying to log in to my PayPal account to finally, after years and years of trying, to … Continue reading

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Hiring insanity

Reading these notes from Peter Thiel’s course CS183: Startup, on hiring and company culture in a tech startup reminds me that sanity is not a prerequisite for success: There were some doubts, since she seemed reluctant to solve a coding … Continue reading

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When the left turn to the feudal overlords

Deplatforming works; forcing a platform, like Facebook or Twitter, to remove a user so that user can no longer use the platform absolutely works. A crazy person like Alex Jones and his fake news Infowars is not missed, but of … Continue reading

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Email marketing process

I used PayPal many years ago. Not so many years ago, I tried to delete my PayPal account and I think I have tried at least once every year ever since. This has not worked, at least not till now. … Continue reading

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Mislykket kundeservice

Paypal sender mig med jævne mellemrum en mail der kunne ligne et phising forsøg: “Der er et problem med din konto … måske uberettiget brug … log in for at opdatere”. Men det er faktisk fra Paypal så jeg tænkte at … Continue reading

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