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Change your passwords, now

People tend to use the same password more than one place Facebook stored the passwords of users in plain text, discoverable at least by Facebook employees, since 2012 Culture eats strategy for breakfast. But, in the case of Facebook culture … Continue reading

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I recently got an upgrade for a framework I use and saw this in the changes documentation: And I sighed. This is truly bad advice, bad code and we know better! Long passwords are better than requiring mixed case and/or … Continue reading

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Really? Still?

This is 2018 and we still get password requirements like this? (seen on brobizz.com) There are two rules for a good password: It should be long and it should be easy to remember. The secret third rule is of course, … Continue reading

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Password requirements

There are still many people who get this wrong, so let us say it one more time: If you haven’t gotten the memo, passwords with funny characters are not inherently safer than those without. As XKCD has pointed out, the password … Continue reading

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Hacking er vist ikke det rigtige ord

Anonymous, der blot er et navn der anvendes frit af uafhængige anarkistiske grupper, fik igen overskrifterne med meddelelsen om at de have hacket sig ind på Syriens præsident Bashar al-Assads email. Det er lidt at strække begrebet, for, viser det sig, … Continue reading

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