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Open-plan offices are bad. No evidence say otherwise

This is one of those topics that I return to every once in a while and it has been a bit since the last time: Open-plan offices are bad, as they: Lower productivity Increase stress Increase number of sick-days Increase … Continue reading

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Yet another reason to get rid of open-plan offices

As promised, I will return to the scourge that is open-plan offices. And yes, it’s personal. It’s personal, because I in a former employment fought against being moved into an open-plan office alongside my colleagues and we lost. We didn’t … Continue reading


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Who knew you should have invested in plexiglass in January?

Had an interesting Zoom today with a group of architects and office planers. A nearly 100% sell-out of plexiglass and plastic/cloth office dividers. One very large tech company—just today made an order for ~5000 that just about zeroed our all … Continue reading

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Open-plan offices are bad in every way

This is a topic that I will probably return to every now and then; first of all because every few years new research find that open-plan offices are even worse than we knew before, but secondly because I once fought … Continue reading

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