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Losses from short selling are uncapped

By now, you may have heard about the GameStop shares and the fight between supposedly small investors and big hedge funds. In short (ha!) someone thought that the GameStop shares were undervalued, and also that they were severely shorted. Shorting … Continue reading

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This take on Tesla and Musk

Matt Levine continues to write funny takes on Tesla’s stock and Musk: Eventually, all the boring finance people will sell their stock to fun people, so only the fun people will own the stock, so there’ll be no one left … Continue reading

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Working for the greater good, I mean, profit. And good.

Imagine a pharmaceutical company developing a cure for COVID-19. They could sell it at a great margin and make a lot of money, and if you take a limited view of the company and its incentive, you might expect that. … Continue reading

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Cheap oil

Well, it doesn’t get much cheaper than less than zero, does it? Yesterday oil futures for May traded at a significant negative price, which is a bit confusing. Trading oil futures goes a bit like this: One way to think … Continue reading

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Selecting your own jurisdiction

Matt Levine’s email newsletter “Money Stuff“, from Bloomberg, was recommended to me. I am not an investor nor do I plan on starting my own company in USA, but that does not matter; Levine mostly deals with legality and thereby … Continue reading

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