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So. We are going to get upload filters and a link tax

This is not great. The European Parliament chose to view the internet as a place for big corporations, not individual expression.

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If you agree with this

If you agree with Julia Reda on EU copyright reform, Danish MEP Jens Rohde will call you a communist, again. I don’t like being called a communist, as I consider it a horrendously dangerous and inhumane ideology. On the other … Continue reading

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Best headline yet. Also, save your internet

Julia Reda (previously) has a point in her article, summarized in its title: “Out-of-control censorship machines removed my article warning of out-of-control censorship machines“. Yes, this is related to the EU work on new regulation of digital copyright, which unfortunately … Continue reading

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The internet that might be?

A pleasant surprise: Great success: Your protests have worked! The European Parliament has sent the copyright law back to the drawing board. All MEPs will get to vote on #uploadfilters and the #linktax September 10–13. Now let's keep up the … Continue reading

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The Internet that could be

If the Legal Affairs Committee of the European Parliament makes the right choice today, Julia Reda will not be the person who created the internet but she will be the one who saved it. I am quite serious. Our views … Continue reading

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