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Neil Young and something about rocks and glass houses

I’ll be honest: I consider “artists” in favour of cancel culture and stifling free speech more like vampires than artists, sucking value from their environment. So right now, Neil Young isn’t a favourite of mine. I thought of listing all … Continue reading

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The Neil Young-Kruger Effect

Neil Young announced that he wanted Spotify to remove Joe Rogan’s podcasts and if they wouldn’t comply, he wanted his own music removed from Spotify. Young is a gifted musician with a solid following. Rogan is the most popular podcaster … Continue reading

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Conformism and why I think Coinbase has a point

Paul Graham, whom I really should have followed more closely, recently wrote about conformism and defined four quadrants, four types, of people: Aggressively conventional-minded, passively conventional-minded, passively independent-minded, and aggressively independent-minded. The call of the aggressively conventional-minded is “Crush <outgroup>!” … Continue reading

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Chappelle and the critics

I know I am a bit late to this, but I finally got to watch Dave Chappelle: Sticks & Stones. I wasn’t actually going to do it, because I didn’t quite feel in the mood and also, I haven’t really … Continue reading

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Seeing politics through coloured lenses

Some time ago Bernie Sanders appeared on The Joe Rogan Experience on Youtube. Sanders is talented and thrives on platforms that doesn’t actively try to sabotage him. Therefore I wasn’t surprised that he performed well with Rogan; many comments from … Continue reading

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