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Just like Obama

The modern surveillance regime in USA, which most likely and routinely intercepts most European digital communication, was started with George W. Bush as President, but heavily expanded during Barack Obama’s presidency. For 4 years it has been running along basically … Continue reading

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So, I was wrong about Biden

Joe Biden is of course a much better American President than his predecessor; compassionate and miles more honest. But is it OK now to criticise him? Because he is really messing things up. Biden used to position himself dead-center in … Continue reading

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Why we can’t trust the press to protect us

In a Danish news article about the US Democratic Party primaries, a journalist again fell into the Trump trap; letting Trump set the agenda and control the narrative. Just because he says something doesn’t mean everyone has to repeat and … Continue reading

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Bloomberg’s non-failure

I see a lot of people ridiculing Mike Bloomberg for spending half a billion dollars on a presidential campaign that failed to bring him a nomination. I think this is a false narrative. But I don’t think Bloomberg’s candidacy was … Continue reading

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The donkey race

Anyone wondering how the presidential campaign of Joe Biden seems to have been derailed so suddenly can just read this short explanation: Here’s how media oversold Biden’s campaign from the start, declaring him a front-runner before a single damned citizen … Continue reading

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