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How to appear like a villain – and the Sanders response

Jeff Bezos, not wanting to just appear like a Bond villain, has been in the news recently, due to reports on the state of the work conditions in the Amazon storehouses. These stories are not new; back in 2012 I wrote … Læs resten

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How to appear like a Bond villain

I will be last person to discourage space exploration; I know that we have benefited greatly from the research and findings from it. But when Amazon’s Jeff Bezos says this The only way that I can see to deploy this … Læs resten

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Hvorfor købe en avis?

tl;dr: Trykkeriet kan bruges til at masseproducere elektronik. Amazon’s grundlægger Jeff Bezos har købt Washington Post. Umiddelbart virker det som et underligt træk da det ikke er lang tid siden at Bezos mente at aviserne ville forsvinde indenfor et par … Læs resten

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