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GMO crops against climate change

I recently had a discussion flare up after 5 years on this blog, with a commenter rehashing his ideas about GMO, Monsanto and nuclear power. It quickly degenerated with baseless claims being tossed around and having spent too much time … Continue reading

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I know we are supposed to dislike GMO food

But, I mean when Greenpeace need to partner up with a magician to combat GMO and you see the methods used to suppress golden rice, you should be a little sceptical. And then there’s the good stories (apart from the … Continue reading

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Transcendental Greenpeace

Greenpeace EU just announced that they had found a way to detect gene-edited crops, as part of their efforts to stop GMO products in Europe. Which is kind of interesting, but reading through their announcement you end up with this … Continue reading

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GMO mad

Jeg ved ikke helt hvad jeg skal synes om historien om genmodificerede laks. På et eller andet plan har jeg et ønske om at der er en grænse et eller andet sted. På den anden side har jeg ikke nogen … Continue reading

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