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Neil Young and something about rocks and glass houses

I’ll be honest: I consider “artists” in favour of cancel culture and stifling free speech more like vampires than artists, sucking value from their environment. So right now, Neil Young isn’t a favourite of mine. I thought of listing all … Continue reading

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This is what straw-manning looks like

Bjørn Lomborg has for many years been portrayed as a so-called climate sceptic. It is a claim you can only honestly make if you rely entirely on other people calling him a climate sceptic and never, ever, read or hear … Continue reading

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I was wrong

I don’t enjoy being wrong, but if you search my blog you will find a number of posts about me, being wrong. This one is most likely such a one. — But I am not sure if it is. The … Continue reading

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A cure for Fake News?

After combating disinformation/”fake news” online for years, are we actually winning? It feels like we are losing. I personally know a couple of people who deny the existence of COVID-19. I know some who believe many of the more outlandish … Continue reading

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