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Dark day for internet freedom: The @Europarl_EN has rubber-stamped copyright reform including #Article13 and #Article11. MEPs refused to even consider amendments. The results of the final vote: 348 in favor, 274 against #SaveYourInternet pic.twitter.com/8bHaPEEUk3 — Julia Reda (@Senficon) March 26, … Læs resten

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Please sign this petition today

Many people have written extensively why the proposed articles 11 and 13 of the upcoming EU Copyright Directive are bad, worse and the worst, myself included. Despite the opposition, the EU Parliament and EU Commission have decided on the possibly … Læs resten

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So. We are going to get upload filters and a link tax

This is not great. The European Parliament chose to view the internet as a place for big corporations, not individual expression.

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If you agree with this

If you agree with Julia Reda on EU copyright reform, Danish MEP Jens Rohde will call you a communist, again. I don’t like being called a communist, as I consider it a horrendously dangerous and inhumane ideology. On the other … Læs resten

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Best headline yet. Also, save your internet

Julia Reda (previously) has a point in her article, summarized in its title: “Out-of-control censorship machines removed my article warning of out-of-control censorship machines“. Yes, this is related to the EU work on new regulation of digital copyright, which unfortunately … Læs resten

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Pirate customers

Surprising – or not, if you thought a little about it – consumers who stream or download pirated media often search for that media through legitimate channels first. But if it is unavailable / require a subscription to complete streaming … Læs resten

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The internet that shouldn’t be

Crap. Article 11, the #LinkTax, has just been adopted by @EP_Legal with a 13:12 majority. We will take this fight to plenary and still hope to overturn the plan. #SaveYourInternet #SaveTheLink pic.twitter.com/XoXx8c5OQl — Julia Reda (@Senficon) June 20, 2018 #Article13, … Læs resten

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The Internet that could be

If the Legal Affairs Committee of the European Parliament makes the right choice today, Julia Reda will not be the person who created the internet but she will be the one who saved it. I am quite serious. Our views … Læs resten

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En god note om ophavsret

Anand Rajaraman og Jeffrey D. Ullman fra Stanford University’s Infolab har offentliggjort en 340 siders bog om hvordan store datasæt kan behandles for at finde de relevante informationer. Det er en glimrende bog der når vidt omkring i et område … Læs resten

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