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What’s the opposite of “go woke, go broke”?

It has been a year since Coinbase announced that they would focus on their business and keep activism out of their corporate culture and it turns out … it was a good business decision. Who could have known? We have … Continue reading

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Against stakeholder capitalism

Coinbase and Basecamp seem to be doing quite well, even though the woke mob predicted otherwise. Both companies broke with the current American trend of activist capitalism, where a company is expected to make statements and profess support for the … Continue reading


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Back to base

Anyone following American politics will know that the nation has become extremely polarised and this has spread into every aspect of society. But recently there is a push to get back to a situation where companies aren’t political instruments but … Continue reading

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Conformism and why I think Coinbase has a point

Paul Graham, whom I really should have followed more closely, recently wrote about conformism and defined four quadrants, four types, of people: Aggressively conventional-minded, passively conventional-minded, passively independent-minded, and aggressively independent-minded. The call of the aggressively conventional-minded is “Crush <outgroup>!” … Continue reading

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