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The past is truly a foreign country

The past is a foreign country; they do things differently there. — L.P. Hartley, The Go-Between This newspaper clipping was making the rounds again: I’ve mentioned this before but back then I made a mistake: I read it as a … Continue reading

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We chose this solution and it is bad

We have chosen rising cost of energy with rising CO₂ emissions while telling ourselves that we were making a different choice. Germany and California have prioritized closing nuclear plants over decommissioning coal and gas plants. But with so much power … Continue reading

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A short note on the new climate report

It looks like big media is in a competition to make the most extreme headline based on the new IPCC report. Now, I haven’t had time to read it and probably wont for some time – I scanned the executive … Continue reading

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Persistent Neighborhood Sorting

Some expressions are just too good: Persistent Neighborhood Sorting. It turns out, on the northern hemisphere where the wind is predominantly going from west to east, cities have evolved in the way that the poorer neighborhoods end up in the … Continue reading

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Good thing the Germans have so many solar panels

Just think how this would look if they didn’t. But at least they are cheaper than the French, right? No. Safer? No, France is using nuclear power where Germany is using coal.

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