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Civilization is defined by law and art. Laws govern our external behavior, while art expresses our soul. Sometimes art glorifies law, as in [ancient] Egypt; sometimes art challenges law, as in Romanticism. The problem with the Marxist approaches that now … Continue reading

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Why moderation at scale doesn’t work

Writing about PayPal reminded me of that time Archie McPhee “We Make Weird” – currently selling a plastic “Squirrel In Underpants Nodder” – was unable to sell “Tardigrade Ornaments” online. Tardigrade as in Waterbears, those adorable microscopic creatures that live … Continue reading

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Science is great. Academia is not

Please read this comic from SMBC (Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal). Not only does it accurately describe a number of problems with academia but also how to deal with them.                    

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