Sure, sure, it’s NATO’s fault

When Russia restarted their war against Ukraine in February the choir of “USA/NATO is the true aggressors” got louder again. Some members of the choir are obviously trolls but some apparently believe it.

In that case, they are even dumber than Putin which is quite a feat today. Not even Putin believes NATO would invade. Evidence no. ∞: Russia has moved almost all of their troops away from Kaliningrad and the borders of the Baltic countries.

Russia is withdrawing its troops from the borders of NATO countries and Finland to deploy them in Ukraine.

The Kremlin is not afraid of being attacked by NATO, its concern is not being able to attack and annex..
Dietmar Pichler

See also “Russia’s Stripped Its Western Borders to Feed the Fight in Ukraine” and “Putin’s NATO Narrative Is Bullshit“.

Putin needs those troops in Ukraine because his army and airforce is self-destructing. His navy has opted out after they found out that they can’t operate their defenses and are within striking distance.

Putin don’t need them anywhere near a NATO border because even though we have amassed our armies there he knows we will never attack.

NAFO on the other hand…













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