Has anyone noticed that Amnesty Internation is acting … weird? Well, only if you compare Amnesty today with Amnesty of a couple of decades ago.

Back then Amnesty fought for political prisoners. But when Alexei Navalny, following the at least second unsuccessful assassination attempt by Putin’s goons, got arrested and thrown in jail, their response was … “well, Navalny does kind of deserve it, doesn’t he?”

Now, there’s a report about Ukraine and again it follows the trend. Pro-Putin and anti-Ukrainian self-defense. Unfortunately Amnesty International didn’t even bother to listen to Amnesty Ukraine for the report.

Today, the English-language website of Amnesty International published material criticizing the actions of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. It was created on the basis of data collected by foreign researchers of the Crisis Response Department of the global office of our organization.

The Ukrainian office was not involved in the preparation or writing of the text of the publication. And, unfortunately, already at the initial stage of the development of this report, we reached a dead end, where the arguments of our team regarding the inadmissibility and incompleteness of such material were not taken into account.
— “Amnesty Ukraine took no part in Amnesty International report alleging Ukrainian army endangers civilians

So what does Amnesty think Ukraine shouldn’t do?

But [Donatella Rovera, Amnesty International’s Senior Crisis researcher] was insistent that this military presence in a populated area was a “violation of international humanitarian law”’. When I pressed her on how the Ukrainian Army was supposed to defend a populated area, she said that it was irrelevant.

By that logic, I continued, Ukraine would have to abandon the major locations such as the city of Kharkiv. “Well, they must avoid as far as possible taking positions in a populated area,” she replied. “International humanitarian law is very clear on this.”

I suggested her coming Amnesty International report would be received badly if it failed to differentiate between defensive and offensive operations in urban areas. But it appeared the authors’ minds had been made up: Ukraine was endangering its own civilians by the mere act of attempting to defend its cities.
— Tom Mutch, “Why did Amnesty International Ignore My Warnings about their Ukraine Investigation?

(from Anders Östlund’s thread which should probably be read in its entirety)

On August 4, the international human rights organization Amnesty International published a report on the actions of the Ukrainian military. The authors claim that Ukrainian fighters allegedly put civilians at risk by setting up bases and using weapons in residential areas, including schools and hospitals.

The Ukrainian office of the human rights organization Amnesty International did not participate in the preparation and dissemination of the report. The head of the Ukrainian office Oksana Pokalchuk reported that the Ukrainian office asked not to publish this report, but the international office did not listen.
— “The spokeswoman of Amnesty International Ukraine resigned because of the report on the armed forces” (auto-translated)

And those women and children trafficked from Ukraine? Silence, again, from Amnesty International. Or the Finnish board member of Amnesty that thinks the Baltic states are a Western ploy to destroy Russia and really belong to Russia.

Maybe big organisations shouldn’t exist more than a couple of decades; maybe the risk of corruption is too great.












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