The problems of categories and labels

I recently went to a music festival that is focused on music within a specific label and it brought to mind how meaningless such categories and labels are and how useful they also are, at the same time.

It reminded me of a time when I saw the labeling of the band “Faith No More” as being “white hip-hop trash metal”. Does that tell you how their music sounded? No. On the other hand, it perfectly encapsulated the diversity of their musical style while proving yet again that labeling anything (intersectionality-believers should pay attention here) quickly becomes irrelevant when you get too specific. Once you specify more than the broader category you basically have to go all the way to the individual; what does “Faith No More” sound like? Like “Faith No More”. Listen to these four samples and give me a descriptive label: “Evidence“, “Epic“, “Easy” and “Midlife Crises“.

I would have left it there till I watched a movie with subtitles on. The subtitles were also for those hearing impaired so it included the description of some important sounds and the description of … the soundtrack:

I feel that without the subtitles I might have missed that part.











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