Inheritable traits

It is impressive that we have a trait that is obviously inheritable to a very large degree, and yet it is also malleable by environmental factors:

Traits like height, which is on the order of 90% heritable and easily and accurately measurable, are clearly malleable by the environment, or North Koreans would not currently be on average 6 inches shorter than South Koreans
— “Heritability in the Era of Molecular Genetics: Some Thoughts for Understanding Genetic Influences on Behavioural Traits

Before the partition of Korea, the North Koreans were taller than the South Koreans.

Note: 90% heritable in genetics doesn’t mean what many people, including myself, instinctively think. It means that genetic vs. environmental influence is about 3:1. That is because the relative influence is √90% : √10% = √0,9 : √0,1 ≈ 0,95 : 0,32.














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