Why I think Trump might become President again

There is no doubt that I do not support Donald Trump and would not vote for him if I was an American citizen. I would have voted for Clinton, then Biden and, seriously, if the choice came between him and Kamala Harris, I’d choose Harris.

Yes, that’s how much I wouldn’t vote for Trump. I’d rather choose a bad candidate, a candidate bordering on senile, obviously trusting the civil service, or an amateur than a full-on low-level crook that no-one ever figured out how to stop.

But I think the Americans are likely to choose differently and I can see why they would: While Trump is a misogynistic, racist, and probably criminal corrupt lunatic, he managed to lead a relatively much more feminist and non-racist government than the one lead by Barack Obama and the one currently lead by Joe Biden. The Biden government is especially bad in these regards.

And if you don’t understand what is going on I suggest you read Colin Wright’s “My Political ‘Journey’” which expands on his now famous doodle:See also “Confessions of a Social-Justice Meme Maker” as an example of someone caught up in the woke ideology suddenly realised she was wrong.

USA is in effect a duopolistic society, a natural consequence of their winner-takes-all voting system, and with both parties having lost their way it seem likely that whoever gets to take on the mantle of Leader of the Free World is going to be the wrong one.

But, then there’s more wrong and less wrong.

Trump, unless his health deteriorates, is likely to become the candidate for the Republicans. This is also most likely the more wrong candidate.

I expect the Democrats to lose the majority of both the House and the Senate in the coming midterm elections and I hope that will shake the Democratic Party into realising just how terrible they have become. I do however expect them to re-use the standard explanation:

How they have been able to maintain this delusion considering who voted for Trump is beyond me.













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