Did we just join a temporary military alliance?

Yesterday Norway, Iceland, and Denmark declared their intent to join in the defence of our still-neutral neighbours in Sweden and Finland:

Finland and Sweden’s security is a matter of common concern to us all. Should Finland or Sweden be victim of aggression on their territory before obtaining NATO membership, we will assist Finland and Sweden by all means necessary.

We immediately initiate preparations in order to effectuate these security assurances. We will also further develop our defence cooperation with Finland and Sweden.
Statement by Denmark, Iceland and Norway on Finland and Sweden’s decisions to apply for NATO membership

Don’t get me wrong, I support this. I support the NATO membership of Sweden and Finland as I believe they will be great assets in the defence alliance and we share much of the same peaceful ideals.

Even the Swedes ;-)

But. Did we just join a military alliance without any political or democratic debate? Did we just promise our military assistance, just by a government decision?

Is that a thing that we can just do? And does it only apply in certain circumstances or can the PM just go around and do this?

Again, I agree with the decision, but I’d like to know the rules for our democracy.














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