Russian and Western incompetence

The Russian invasion of Ukraine has demonstrated the deep and immense incompetence of the Russian army, an army that apparently has only been able to succeed by brutal aggression and staggeringly overwhelming power.

Against a competent and a moderately powerful defensive opponent like Ukraine, the Russian army, navy, and air force has failed again and again.

It would be impossible to list all the ways Russian incompetence has been shown; at this point I wonder how they even take on their uniforms. Spoiler alert: Sometimes they fail at even that – watch that video and think for a moment how the flagship Moskva was sunk.

But, and this is the important bit, the Western countries have shown our incompetence as well; in the area of intelligence gathering or more specifically, in the area of intelligence analysis.

Trent Telenko is a valuable source for such criticism and his thread on a Russian video showing artillery firing at Mariupol is one such example:

The message Russia thought it was sending was one about strength.

The message it actually sent was one about Russian backwardness & weakness.

So what about that 3rd message?

The one the audience of this thread actually hears/sees/understands?

Because after looking through that video & the stills from them, the 3rd message isn’t about Russian power or weakness at all.

The 3rd message received can best be summed up as “What the H–l?”

What the h–l was Western Intelligence doing for 80 years not to notice this?

Western intelligence hear the message Russia sent exactly as Russia wanted it heard.

This is utterly unacceptable given that the MLRS was a late 1970’s early 1980’s weapon system built exactly 1/2 way between 1945 and 2022 to mechanize and automate all those 122mm Grad rocket steps the stills in this thread demonstrated.

MLRS was one of the “Big Five” in the 1980’s US Army procurement strategy.

It’s specifications were available for apples to apples comparisons with Soviet & later Russian Army kit for 45 years and nobody noticed the logistical differences between them & US Army artillery logistics?

If “Amateurs study tactics & professionals study logistics”…

…what does that make Western Intelligence?

Yes, Western Intelligence did warn of Russia actually intending to invade Ukraine but also concluded that Ukraine would fall within 4 days, something that outsiders publicly have challenged for months before the invasion. Our governments did nothing to prevent the invasion, and, in their minds, the eradication of Ukraine, and that’s an important topic in and of itself, but Western Intelligence totally believed the Russian propaganda on their strengths and capabilities.



















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