Who knew logistics could be important?

Well, everyone that has actually tried getting something done. Or perhaps I am just predisposed to thinking like that, given my family background.

The Russian war on Ukraine has brought a lot of things into focus that we ordinarily don’t have to think about. And from the comfort of being thousands of kilometers away from any danger, I have this suggestion:

Don’t invest in German banks for the time being. In fact, get your investments out of German banks.

This might require an explanation:

Russia has been using the German banks for financing for a very long time and part of this must be based on some understanding of the size of the Russian economy. But the Russian economy appears to be worse than we thought. Much worse.

I am not talking about the apparently obvious problem the Russian military has, from using commercial GPS (Garmin appears to be an add-on on Russian airforce helicopters), paper-notes with targets for strike airplanes, insufficient welding of metal plates on tanks, empty bags of supposed reactive armor on same tanks, poorly maintained trucks, or getting supplies moved along roads.

No, just a simple thing as getting supplies on and off trucks, and securing those supplies while loaded. Russia appears to not have heard of pallets, trucks to move said pallets, and doesn’t seem to know what to do with cargo containers outside of international harbours.

Is the Russian economy just one big Ponzi scheme?















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