The communication about COVID-19 has not been good enough

From the 21st Century Salonnière’s “We All Have a Piece of the Elephant“:

Team Mainstream

This team viewed Trump as an outsider to the mainstream social order and was skeptical of the vaccine when Trump was in charge. Now that Biden’s in charge, all concerns have been forgotten. This team believes the vaccines are a good thing. They generally believe it takes a large-scale, population-level, cooperative effort to defeat a pandemic, and these folks are distressed not to see other teams playing along nicely.


Team Freedom

This team sees the pandemic as having created big problems with restrictions on freedom, and those concerns are foremost in their mind. These folks tend not to like anything about Biden, the vaccine, masking, Fauci, the CDC, the guidance, etc. Some of the older members of Team Freedom might accept the vaccines, but a lot do not, and they really don’t like those annoying, controlling people from Team Mainstream telling them what to do! They can perceive Team Mainstream as arrogant, out-of-touch, or authoritarian.


Team Conspiracy

These folks believe some extreme ideas, such as the idea that this was a Plandemic, that Bill Gates was involved, that there are magnets or chips in the vaccine, that the pandemic was a way to test a dangerous vaccine on the masses, that omicron is a white-hat effort to release a virus to end the pandemic, etc.

Even if their beliefs seem extreme, Team Conspiracy has valid concerns in the sense that they recognize, correctly, that our leaders have let us down and have not been trustworthy or transparent. That’s true. But unfortunately, they believe the worst, and it’s likely that their beliefs can in some cases lead to harm. Of all the teams, Team Conspiracy might be the most resistant to engaging with the others.


Then in late November 2021 it became even worse: Along came omicron. Team Mainstream is still telling people to get a booster for sure. Well, that doesn’t make sense to the other three teams. Wasn’t this problem supposed to be solved with two doses? Now you’re telling us three? And you hear Israel is doing four? Do we just keep giving this vaccine, which doesn’t seem to work very well, to people forever, every few months? It sounds like a bunch of crazy-talk, especially since the vaccine seems to work less well than ever! Maybe the vaccine is even causing the variants! (No it’s not, but that’s a discussion for another day.)

Team Freedom, Team Contrarian, and Team Conspiracy have a piece of the elephant, though. The vaccine works less well than they were told it would, which increases their hesitancy, uncertainty, even suspicion. And no one in power is addressing those concerns. Instead, the people on those three teams are treated as if they’re uncooperative idiots — and they know they’re not. [my emphasis]

To be sure, any way you look at it, the vaccine still works a whole lot better than “no vaccine,” even against omicron, but Team Mainstream has been, truth be told, (and I hate this word, but it fits here) gaslighting the other three teams by insisting that the vaccines were intended all along to prevent hospitalizations and deaths, not stop you from getting sick.

No, it needs to be said: That’s not quite true; that’s not what was said at first—so then the other three non-Mainstream teams are even more suspicious of Team Mainstream’s “vaccines are amazing” piece of the elephant, because Team Mainstream is rewriting history and lying to their faces.

The COVID-19 vaccines, developed for the original strain works really well against that and the Alpha variant. They work well against the Delta variant. But against the Omicron variant the vaccines, while protecting somewhat against infections, really only show their value in relation to severe illness.

But that is still amazing.













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