I am so tired of dishonesty

Not that I’ve never been dishonest or can say that I’ll be honest for the rest of my life going forward, but dishonesty is so tiring.

I’ve mentioned my year-and-a-half of trying to argue with a conspiracy theorist and one of the frustrating parts of that is that it’s so easy to disprove many of the claims.

I remember him saying that the CEO of Pfizer had said that he wouldn’t get himself vaccinated and just think about that. How likely is that? So one web search later and the interview and the all important context was obvious.

Today I see this clip with the CDC director make the rounds and numerous memes with “4 comorbidities” repeated. Of course, don’t ever trust a clip of a few seconds because there’s always a context elsewhere (she was talking about 40 out of 1.2 millions deaths, also known as a tiny fraction).















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