The reason why so many extremely woke people turn out to have been bigoted in the past is because bigotry used to be the best way to bully and intimidate people, but now performative anti-bigotry is the best way to bully and intimidate people. An evolving toolset for sociopaths.
Shant Mesrobian

Sociopaths, Pyschopaths & narcissists will seek out any movement, organisation, field etc that grants them status, gives them power & influence & allows them to exert control over others, particularly those that allow them to do so under the guise of being “good”

It’s allows them to hide in plain sight, ensures others are less suspicious of them & gives them a sense of pleasure that others misread them and offer them praise. As a result you find them in a number of “caring” professions such as teaching, religion, healthcare and charities

“Performative anti-bigotry”. Don’t trust it, don’t reward it.











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