An update on COVID-19, vaccine resistance and Ivermectin

I think I owe this an update.

First of all, I really hoped Ivermectin would work against COVID-19, at least until we got the vaccines. My hopes were in vain and we are fortunate to have effective and safe vaccines instead.

Scott Alexander puts the final nail in the coffin of Ivermectin working against COVID-19 with his “Ivermectin: Much More Than You Wanted To Know“.

Secondly, Arieh Kovler has made a thorough and a bit tongue-in-cheek categorisation model for COVID-19 conspiracy theorists in “Covid Conspiracy theorists: A spotters’ guide“. I think he missed the grifters category but elsewhere he argues that there are grifters in all the categories.

Finally, I have a suspicion that it is only us lay-people who were really surprised that it was possible to create a vaccine as quickly as was done with COVID-19. Considering we now, after 2 years have 24 approved vaccines, 8 of which are approved by WHO, it should be rather obvious that the future potential for new vaccines is huge.















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