Learned helplessness

I a video by Anton Petrov regarding climate change, he said:

[…] one of the major issues i have with the governments
and I guess a lot of scientific communities communicating the issue of CO₂ release right now, is that it tells us we’re doing something wrong, it tells us that we should stop doing something wrong, but it makes us feel sort of helpless simply because people are telling us something bad is happening but no one has actually given us a specific guideline for how to stop CO₂ release or for how to stop climate change. Now this is something I’m going to be addressing in one of the future videos because I do have some guidelines but my personal opinion right now is that a lot of us have actually reached the stage of what’s known as learned helplessness. It’s sort of the stage you reach when you realize that there’s nothing you can do something bad is happening, everyone is talking about it, it’s all around you, but you feel absolutely useless and you sort of shut down and you stop thinking about it or maybe you start doing something that’s entirely opposite.

The study allowed us to understand that anyone can reach this, so if everyone is bombarded with the climate changes [are] bad, we’re destroying the planet, but no guidelines are provided and no one is actually giving us any positive or any reinforcing ideas it actually creates a completely opposite effect.

The frustrating thing is, we can actually do something about it. And it’s not electric vehicles (though there are other good reasons for those), or limiting air travel, or to stop eating meat. And it’s definitely not returning to the Stone Age.

It’s nuclear power, it’s variable renewable energy (wind, water, solar), it’s efficient power grids and it’s research and development.














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