Energy and security

This is strictly a commercial project, nothing political in it” — every German official for 10 years.

“The supply crisis would be resolved more quickly if bloc stopped treating Russia as ‘adversary’,” — Russian ambassador.
toomas hendrik ilves

So, did EU just put ourselves in a position where we can be forced to accept a foreign government’s acts to destabilise our societies, assassinations and fraud? Yes, we did.

Without supply security you do not have national security.

Vladimir Chizov, Russia’s permanent representative to the EU, said he expected Gazprom, the state-controlled exporter that supplies 35 per cent of European gas needs, to respond swiftly to instructions from president Vladimir Putin to adjust output.


While rejecting assertions from European lawmakers that Russia had played a role in Europe’s gas crunch, Chizov said Europe’s choice to treat Moscow as a geopolitical “adversary” had not helped.
— “Moscow’s EU envoy urges Europe to fix ties to avoid gas shortages

And as we keep relying on fossil fuels, there’s a coal shortage:

Flooding in the central province of Shanxi over the weekend piled further pressure on Beijing to contain a growing energy crisis that threatens to undermine the recovery of the world’s second-largest economy. China’s problems come as price volatility in global energy markets has sent countries scrambling to procure power supplies at ever-higher costs.
— “China’s coal futures hit all-time high as floods worsen energy crisis















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