Reducing carbon footprint

Sometimes it’s like there’s an alternate dimension and you step in and out of it at random.

We need to reduce our carbon footprint. If we are ever to stop the anthropogenic climate change, we need to get our net CO₂ emissions to zero.

We can do that by destroying our society and revert back to having about some hundred thousand people on the Earth, or we can invest in the right technology and research. The energy crisis that we will meet this winter is an example of what happens when we act emotionally rather than rationally.

Shortest route for energy production: Nuclear energy, which is safe and environmentally friendly to boot.

But, and here’s the alternate dimension: We are closing nuclear power plants and replacing them with coal and gas plants. And why?

Because we want to.

There is no rational reason for this choice. And relying on variable renewable energy (solar, wind, hydro) has proven to be a mistake that, right now, has caused a lot more CO₂ emissions and will cause even more this winter.

Then we step back into our own dimension and keep talking about how we need to lower our emissions.

I know why there’s this disconnect but it is becoming more and more distinct as time goes on.












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