This is what straw-manning looks like

Bjørn Lomborg has for many years been portrayed as a so-called climate sceptic. It is a claim you can only honestly make if you rely entirely on other people calling him a climate sceptic and never, ever, read or hear anything from him.


Recently one of his articles was marked as disinformation by “independent” fact-checkers on Facebook, but this time they even had to invent new, false, claims in order to have some to mark as false.

This is a fabricated quote. I never say this. Climate Feedback has simply made up a false statement, dressing it as a quote of mine, even though I never claimed anything like this. This is incredibly deceptive: it is ludicrous to insist that I should argue that it is wrong to claim “climate change is causing heat-related deaths.” I simply do not argue that “climate change is not causing heat-related deaths”

Up above I exactly argued that climate change causes more heat deaths. My graph shows that climate change causes more heat deaths.

And I even point out exactly that the temperature increases cause heat deaths in my New York Post piece:

“As temperatures have increased over the past two decades, that has caused an extra 116,000 heat deaths each year.” Sorry, Climate Feedback, but the rest of your claim is straight-out, full-on stupid.

Regarding the first part of the statement, he does say that. It’s also true:

If you don’t like Lomborg you might then conclude that he is arguing that climate change is good. If you were to do that, you’d be straw-manning him yourself.

For those disinclined to read or listen to Lomborg I can tell you that he absolutely believes that there is a global warming occurring, that humans are a significant cause of it and that it is bad.

He just also believes that science shows that there are better ways of dealing with it than replacing all fossil fuel vehicles with electric vehicles, banning all plane travel and similar approaches. And, quite possibly, there are more pressing issues that also need to be dealt with.














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