One of those Gmail features that sound great on paper

If you get a confirmation email for an event, a restaurant or hotel, Google will likely add this to your Calendar automatically. This sounds great on paper and once I found out, I disabled the feature for my account.

Which is why I didn’t get an event scheduled for September 9th in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. Many others did.

And it’s a bit weird, because many of those that got the event scheduled automatically have never been to – or near – Winnipeg, and the source of the email contained a lot of dates and places for meet-ups.

Why the Winnipeg event? Who knows. And I bet it would take quite a lot of work for the developers at Google to explain this, as it is probably done by “AI” (read: ML).

Machine learning is a devil’s bargain: you gain power but lose control.
Pedro Domingos

Besides, if I was going to go to one of these meet-ups I’d probably have gone to the one in Aarhus.












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