Why vaccinate 12-year-olds?

USA and UK has approved vaccinations against COVID-19 in those aged 12 and above, but why would we vaccinate teenagers against COVID-19?

There are few benefits for 12-year-olds; they rarely get ill, especially not seriously ill and there’s a good chance that “long COVID-19” doesn’t even exist for children.

Well, this graph by Tom Calver explains it:

So, basically it is not only to protect the children – which I believe new variants will soon put in danger till we get the global pandemic under control – but to protect those that are can’t get vaccinated or whose immune system is compromised.

See also “40m have had a Covid vaccine, so why is the Indian variant still a threat?“.

It’s also important to look to the UK where there is a sharp increase in cases at the moment, despite widespread vaccination. The answer seems obvious:

Get everyone vaccinated.

















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