UFOs, one more time

The media couldn’t let a chance to roll out the UFO stories go to waste, so with the Pentagon release of grainy footage they jumped to it. In Denmark as well and those are mild compared to the imbeciles running American and British media with, for once, CNN at least being moderately skeptical.


Except the evidence is so bad it’s literally laughable. Every single video is so easily explained it is a blow to the dignity of the human race that journalists at major news organizations are willing to run with this without, you know, the briefest sort of investigation. This is tinfoil-hats levels of evidence. Everything in the videos are just dots and blips on thermal or night-vision cameras from incredibly far away, and could easily be caused by simple illusions or natural phenomena or just like, distant planes. If your two possibilities are a) distant plane and b) alien visitation, your priors should make that decision pretty simple.
— Erik Hoel, “The new UFO craze and the failures of our public intellectuals

In that Hoel touches on the very important aspect of the supposed role of journalism and I’ll add the cost this has on the credibility of journalists and media. This credibility has already been under pressure for some time and every time they push lies and untruths like this, they lose yet more.

And we need a reliable press that can be trusted and is trusted. We don’t have that.

But the problem is bigger than that because as Hoel also points out in a follow-up, not even physicists are doing their job. For instance Michio Kaku seems to be so deep into his TV appearances that he chooses to claim these videos show aliens zooming across sky.

If you can say that the skeptical position here is like clinging to a flat earth model, while specifically referring to a video of a “pyramidal alien spacecraft” that is just a small incredibly distant triangle of light, blinking at the same frequency of a Boeing 737, under a popular flight path for passenger aircraft, taken with a night-vision camera that has the triangular aperture partially closed (which you can tell because all the light sources in the video are triangles, including identified stars, not just the supposed UFO). . . then how do you make decisions about what to believe? We may as well be speaking a different language.
— Erik Hoel, “Responses to “The new UFO craze and the failures of our public intellectuals”









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