No, no aliens have visited Earth

And may I just say, how the eff can any adult think so?

The American government is releasing footage of so-called UFO sightings these days and for some reason otherwise seemingly sane people are taking this seriously.

First of all, barring a magnificent breakthrough in science, interstellar travel of living beings is all but impossible. That does leave a small window open for AI’s and multi-generational aliens, but…

The evidence is clearly against UFO’s being aliens. For one thing, for a very long time there was a steady stream of grainy photographs showing some shape where it wasn’t supposed to be. Some were fakes, some were meteorological phenomenon, some were man-made objects that actually were there and the rest were simply artifacts of the photo process.

(Youtube on the Bokeh effect)

Then, when every man and his dog got cameras, the stream all but dried out. Please think about that – now, everyone had a camera, every street corner as well, but that was the time the aliens decided to stop flying around? Really?

Or, as the somewhat more brass Scott Locklin writes:

The idea that there are space aliens who cross the vastness of space to molest a fat waitress from Peoria is one of those things that always stretched credulity.

Then, of course, the Great Lockdown of 2020 happened and suddenly people saw UFO’s again. I wonder if the mental stress of the lockdown and pandemic had something to with that. Or maybe people just looked out of their window and saw the moon for the first time?

Anyway, you might wonder why the American government suddenly releases something like this and if they don’t clearly say it’s not real, doesn’t it then lend creditability to the UFO story?

Remember, these are the same people who funded almost a decade long project investigating whether or not you could kill a goat by staring at it (spoiler: You can’t).

No, the story of the release is connected with something that is very prominent in American politics: Corruption.

Not bribing, mind you, because in USA you can pay money to a politician to make him forward your pet project and for some reason this is something illegal like bribing. It’s just corruption if you do it the right way. This pet project apparently belongs to a hotel chain owner, Robert Bigelow, who then got government funding for his private UFO project by bribing paying the right politicians.

Finally, stories about flying saucers have literally always been spook disinfo. Originally it was a cover up for a sort of early spy technology called Project Mogul. These were weather balloons designed to spy on soviet nuclear tests. They looked kinda like flying saucers. One of them crashed at Roswell in 1947. There were other balloon espionage machines, and I’m sure the Eisenhower administration would prefer people think about flying saucers than admit them. Lots of 80s and 90s UFO sightings were stealth fighters and other black projects. Adam Curtis even documented the release of fake “secret documents” to UFO researchers in the 90s. There’s no reason to believe the present horse shit is any different, and it’s become such a part of American folklore after decades of USGov baloney on the topic, it’s like people are programmed to look at the magician’s hand holding the shiny flying saucer rather than the hand picking their pockets.
— Scott Locklin, “Muh government flying saucers

Now, I don’t subscribe to Locklin’s more conspiracy leaning claims, but he does have a point.












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