Why isn’t the media covering this?

The most common answer to the question “Why isn’t the media covering this?” is the media didn’t report it because it didn’t happen in the first place. The second most common answer, of course, is that the media is reporting it and that’s how you know about it. And it’s hilarious on Twitter when someone asks “Why isn’t the BBC covering this?” with a link to a story from… yup, the BBC.

There’s still something to the question though, especially with online news where there’s no newspaper to read cover to cover, or broadcast to watch beginning to end. Unless promoted, stories can still fall between the cracks. But sometimes it’s not the media’s fault. There are stories that are being well reported, but nobody’s listening.
— Arieh Kovler, “Big News: The Tigray War

And related to the content of that article, I’d like to change my suggestion regarding the Nobel Peace Prize: Maybe begin to award it posthumously?
















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