What do you do when Alt Gr stops working?

Really, what do you do?

It happens quite regularly for me and while I can use Ctrl+Alt instead, I’d really like the function of the Alt Gr key back.

It seems to be a Windows 10 problem and I have found many posts detailing how to solve it.

None of them work.

So, it’s not closing and reopening my remote desktop connection. It’s not the language or keyboard setting on my computer. And it’s definitely not a stuck key.

So far one thing have worked: Restarting my computer. And that’s a bit too drastic for a non-functional key.

Alt Gr is short for Alternative Graph; it’s a modifier so you can type characters not commonly used in your region and it’s essential for developers, or writers that like to use non-standard parentheses, like {} or []. In Denmark it’s also necessary if you want to use one of the specific currency symbols, £, $, or €, but not the generic currency symbol ¤ (?!?). Oh, and if you want to write an email with an @…

















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