Just like Obama

The modern surveillance regime in USA, which most likely and routinely intercepts most European digital communication, was started with George W. Bush as President, but heavily expanded during Barack Obama’s presidency. For 4 years it has been running along basically unchanged but now there’s a competent person in charge of USA again.

So, it was be expanded yet more:

[…] the White House is discussing a new plan to expand domestic, warrantless surveillance of Americans—by paying private companies to infiltrate and report on the private social media groups of those it categorizes as “suspected extremists.”
Edward Snowden on “Biden team may partner with private firms to monitor extremist chatter online

It’s still strange that with Joe Biden as President, USA suddenly started enacting misogynistic and racist laws and now plan to expand the surveillance of its citizens – and most likely everyone else, including you – to a degree never before seen. Unlike what happened during the 4 years of horror with Donald Trump as President.















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