Do you want more pirating? That’s how you get more pirating

A very long time ago I wrote about how I think media companies can limit the extent of piracy:

  1. Offer the product at least as soon as the pirates offer it
  2. Offer the product in at least the same quality as the pirates

I should have added a third requirement:

  1. Make the product as easily available as the pirates do

For instance, back in the day of DVD’s, forcing your paying customers to sit through your self-congratulatory ads and a condescending warning about not pirating the DVD, was just another thing pirated movies did better.

Now, having your media diet spread over 6 or 7 streaming services provides the same problem. Who is willing to pay for that many? We have one streaming service and used to have another.

But getting back to the second item on my first list, you can try to spot the differences here – one is subtle, the other is not:

This is what UK based Mirriad is selling to broadcasters and ad agencies, a tool to add or replace advertising from existing media. Of course the example is with Coca-Cola.

So, now there is a new way for broadcasters / streamers / distributors to mess with media.

Maybe I should buy some more Blu-Rays before the content is updated?













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