Tell the truth – or at least, don’t lie

It’s not that I enjoy being wrong, quite the contrary. I just think that it’s important to realize when you are wrong so you can find out why you were wrong. And then possibly be less wrong the next time around.

This is related to this: I generally trust professionals that speak in their professional capacity, unless I think I know more about the specific topic they are talking about. And, I also tended to believe people who opposed serial liar and narcissist Donald Trump, especially during his presidency.

And I trusted the advice from the American physician Anthony Fauci during the pandemic. The more sound advice Fauci gave and the more Trump railed against him, the more I trusted Fauci and his advice.

Except, Fauci was playing politics.

Now, politics is fine, there are many perfectly, possibly opposing, acceptable political views, many that I agree with and many more I disagree with. But “playing politics” is different; it’s when you say something for its effect even though it’s untrue.

“Playing politics” is lying.

(from InStyle’s “Dr. Fauci Says, “With All Due Modesty, I Think I’m Pretty Effective.”“)

I understand the desire, or need, to save suitable facemasks and other personal protection equipment for healthcare workers.

But you should not lie. This lie has cost many lives and have damaged the trust people had in the institutions that are in place to protect them. And why should anyone listen to Fauci, still the chief medical adviser to the American President, again?

And it reminds me again of what happens when ideology captures an organisation, like it has happened in so many American at the moment. Read Yascha Mounk’s “Why I’m Losing Trust in the Institutions“, telling the story of how the COVID-19 vaccine roll-out in USA ended up with a policy they knew would cost more lives all in the name of an ideology. And the policy they ended up with was not nearly as bad as the one they had intended.
















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