All but one

Michael Collins, the astronaut on the Apollo 11 mission that didn’t land on the moon, died 3 days ago at age 90. He is the first person to take a picture that included every living human being, except himself:

Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin in the Lunar Landing Module, the rest of humanity on that blue ball in the background.

Collins also designed the mission patch of Apollo 11 with the eagle, but maybe we shouldn’t remember Collins as an astronaut, photographer, or designer, but as an IT guy?

Just before he reached the far side on the third orbit, Mission Control informed Collins there was a problem with the temperature of the coolant. If it became too cold, parts of Columbia might freeze. Mission Control advised him to assume manual control and implement Environmental Control System Malfunction Procedure 17. Instead, Collins flicked the switch on the offending system from automatic to manual and back to automatic again, and carried on with normal housekeeping chores, while keeping an eye on the temperature. When Columbia came back around to the near side of the Moon again, he was able to report that the problem had been resolved.














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