Reading so much literature about the American societies, it’s strange that the concept of white privilege ever took off when what is described so obviously is the result of classism instead.

We don’t have as much classism in Denmark but it would be a mistake to think that we have none, so studying the more extreme examples in societies that otherwise look and appear like ours is interesting. Reading Rob Henderson is definitely interesting and his concept of “luxury beliefs” is very useful to explain many behaviours.

Here, through Henderson, I’ll paraphrase something that has been observed about classes by Paul Fussell: Each class has their own criteria for defining social class. For working class (definitely not Fussell’s term) it is money, for middle class it is education and for upper class it is values, tastes and opinions.

And to briefly touch back to Henderson’s luxury beliefs concept, one of the ways an upper class makes sure to keep the other classes beneath them is by apparently adopting very expensive – in time, money, prestige, social interaction – “beliefs”. When lower classes try to immerse themselves in these beliefs, the cost for them is relative much higher and once enough people signal that they truly believe these things, the upper classes will abandon them and find new beliefs. Being woke, anti-racism (which is racism with extra steps) and trans-activism are examples of this.














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