WordPress, ClassicPress or?

I know I keep going on about it, but I am one of those people who really do not like to the current and future editor in WordPress, the Gutenberg editor.

And I know how hard it is to make a WYSIWYG editor, and WordPress are free to choose which way they will take forward.

In the past months I’ve constructed a workflow where I create a new post in Gutenberg, set the headline and save it as a draft. I then went back to the list of posts and chose to edit the page in the Classic Editor.

This option has now disappeared.

I now have a bookmarklet in my browser to do the same thing but obviously, this will not work for long. The Classic Editor is gone. And WordPress is no longer the product that fits my workflow.

For more than 5 years I’ve known I had to find a different solution but haven’t gotten around to it. Also, considering how tech companies have begun to act as frontline proactive censors – yes, I am looking at you Automattic, makers of WordPress – I believe that 1) we should all have a blog and 2) we should all have independent hosting.

That last part is the problem that I haven’t spent enough time to solve but at some point I need to.

Then there’s the question of which platform I should move to. I could use an old version af WordPress but that sounds like a recipe for disaster. ClassicPress could be a solution and I’ll certainly look into that.

I could also make my own but maybe I shouldn’t start doing that, again.

I realise now that I was probably missing the right button or the link. Otherwise it is something WordPress has added suddenly but I can easily use the Classic Editor, still.

But I also realise that it is only for a limited time anyway.











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