Closing your PayPal account

You really shouldn’t lose your password for your PayPal account.

I’ve spent 27 minutes on call with a customer service agent from PayPal, trying to log in to my PayPal account to finally, after years and years of trying, to delete my account.

Unfortunately, despite them having my email address, my complete and full legal name, my complete actual physical address and my actual phone number, which is still the same as when I registered my account, they are unable to give me a new password.

The fact that I’ve tried to log on, unsuccessfully, every couple of years since 2016 and all I want to do is close my account, did not help.

But, there is light at the end of the tunnel: When finally the agent had to admit defeat she told me it really wasn’t that big of a problem, because PayPal had just changed their policy last quarter, so if I didn’t log on to the account within the next 12 months I’d get a warning that my account would be closed every few months from that. And then, in about another year, my account would actually be closed.

So patience is expected to be rewarded.

Also, don’t forget your password.












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