One of the really big problems of democracy is that, quite often, someone you disagree with wins. Trump won the American Presidency in 2016 and so on. That means that those that “lost” have to deal with this but there are non-constructive ways to do that:

In this connection the legacy of the communists is still not fully understood. The Communist Party was not merely the instrument of foreign occupation. It was the military arm of a world-wide attempt at thought control. We in Britain suffered as much from this as you – perhaps more so, since we did not have the reality of communism against which to measure the theory of it. We too suffered, in our universities, under an intellectual orthodoxy that told us that the people could not be trusted, that ‘false consciousness’ was the inevitable result of a capitalist economy, and that only when led by an educated vanguard would the people choose what is right for them. Hence any election which led to a conservative government was immediately dismissed as a ‘threat to democracy’. This posture has survived into our times. Viktor Orbán, twice elected with a two-thirds majority, is for that very reason considered a threat to Hungarian democracy, just as Mrs Thatcher was a threat to democracy in my country. The Law and Justice Party here in Poland, having had the impertinence to win the first majority government since 1989, is manifestly a threat to democracy. For the threat comes from what the people want, and, as everybody on the left knows, they want the wrong things. They want a stable social order, security of property, respect for religion and family, strong defences and secure national borders. In short, they want to repossess themselves of their nation, to be secure in the place that is theirs.
Roger Scruton

Dealing with reality is necessary for us to progress, and simply dismissing other voters as stupid, ignorant or perhaps even evil is wrong and destructive.












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