I know we are supposed to dislike GMO food

But, I mean when Greenpeace need to partner up with a magician to combat GMO and you see the methods used to suppress golden rice, you should be a little sceptical.

And then there’s the good stories (apart from the prospect of golden rice) that keep coming, like GM eggplants in Bangladesh:

  • 50%+ increase in yields
  • 35%+ reduction in pesticide use
  • 125%+ increase in net revenues for farmers
  • and from that, reduction in farmers reporting symptoms of pesticide poisoning

Like I wrote a couple of years ago, GMO is about economics; less waste, more produce. It follows then that there would be less impact on nature and climate, which is fine.

I am not concerned about gene pollution, any more than what happens naturally in an intensified farming, but I am worried that the search for the optimal produce will lead to foods that supply us with exactly the nutrients that we are thought to need, and nothing else, as it will be difficult for those that cannot afford every part of a designer diet needed to get the varied balanced diet we need.

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