Why are children not getting COVID-19?

This paper points to a possible reason why children below the of 14 may be protected against COVID-19: The MMR (Danish: MFR) vaccine.

Specifically, the mumps (Danish: fåresyge) vaccine, of which seropositivity decreases substantially over time, the paper finds that it is possible that while the mumps titer stays above a certain level, a person is far less likely to contract COVID-19 and if he does, the case will not very severe.

In the chart, notice the higher prevalence at ages before the MMR vaccine is given and then again after the seropositivity falls below a certain point.

In USA, the cut-off would happen at about the age of 14, while in Denmark, as we give the second MMR vaccine a year earlier, it would happen at about the age of 13.

There is other research that connect the measles and rubella vaccines to better protection against COVID-19, but this could explain why so few children are getting ill.

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