More than 10 years of blogging

Well, September 1st passed and I could have celebrated 10 years of blogging by then, at least 10 years on this blog. This is the first blog I started that I actually managed to keep going and at 10 years, that’s OK. I’ll just call the other 2 blogs I started before that my “false starts”.

I have another blog elsewhere, but I only post there when I some very specific technical information I wish to share. It’s so specific that Javascript, C# and Perl seems mainstream in comparison.

I was a bit obsessive about my reach in the first couple of years, but I found that I actually write this for a completely different reason; I write to write. So I no longer look at statistics, except I did today as I got a message that yet another writer had referenced my 2019 post “The Toolbox Fallacy“. I have little reason to be proud of that post, as it is basically just a quote and links to 2 youtube videos, but the content is important – if you haven’t read and seen it, please do. You might learn something that I am still learning.

But back when I cared about statistics I got a lot of traffic from cross-posting to Facebook. I can now see that when Facebook stopped accepting cross-posts, and I subsequently deleted my Facebook account, my traffic fell significantly. But today I get more traffic than ever. Almost, that is, as I remember I had 2 “hits” early on. One was my posts about the insurance company TopDanmark, starting almost innocently about (non-)hacking but continuing with their illegal surveillance of a former client, got quite a bit of attention. Including from the client, whose case I covered; I hope she was satisfied by the conviction of those that broke the law.

The other was my post about the Danish social security numbers (CPR) and their lack of security; back then I had just found the “super-secret” last 4 digits of the Danish Minister of the Interior, so I wrote about the problems we have, relying on this supposed security. I even suggested a product that I thought there would be a market for, but the digital signature system, NemId, made that product obsolete. Which is great.

Anyway, I don’t know how long I’ll keep this blog running but let’s see if I can’t at least finish my six seasons commentary. And if I continue on for another 10 years I’ll probably forget the anniversary then, again. Maybe I’ll even get the follow-up to the order of adjectives done?

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