Another thing about the COVID-19 vaccine

First of all, I believe that such a vaccine is possible; reports on immune responses in people afflicted by SARS was a good indicator, but I doubt we would have multiple vaccines in stage 3 if the previous stages didn’t show promise.

But what we saw yesterday, with the deeply irresponsible headline by Reuters, repeated by media around the world, is a solid example of vaccine disinformation. And if anyone has forgotten what media can do with disinformation, just look at this chart showing how many women were vaccinated against HPV:

What happened in 2015? Oh, that year a national broadcaster produced an anti-vaccination show about how dangerous the HPV vaccine supposedly was. In that case they ignored concerns that were voiced, probably because disaster sells.

People will die because of that*.

And then, in 2021 and 2022, as the COVID-19 vaccines are getting produced, will media report every serious health issue or death of everyone who receives the vaccines, despite no connection? Well, as we saw yesterday, yeah, they probably will.

And this is even before you consider that one of the actual enemies of the west actively and purposefully seek to inject disinformation about vaccines in our discourse.

People will also die because of that.

*) One of ironies of anti-vaccination campaigns is that they often misuse existing research, either misunderstanding or misrepresenting the conclusions, but effectively pointing you in the direction of actual research. One of the interesting things I’ve learned in that regard is that HPV vaccines might even help protect against some cardiovascular diseases. A famous Danish fraud-turned-anti-vax made the opposite claim but in fact the research that she was referring to showed a possible connection between HPV infections and some cardiovascular diseases – meaning a vaccine might also protect us there.









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